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Our Orthodontics Options

As part of our commitment to full service quality care, we have our own in-house orthodontist ready to help you on your journey to a new, improved smile.

If you’d like to straighten crooked teeth or fill in gaps, Dr. Sudit would love to meet you and offer a treatment plan that would give you the smile of your dreams. Give us a call today to find out more about your options.


At Lake Dental Care, we offer traditional braces and Invisalign as options for patients looking to straighten their smiles. Invisalign is a popular solution for crooked teeth because the clear, plastic aligners are removable and virtually invisible. This makes it possible to eat the foods and beverages you love, brush and floss effortlessly, and smile confidently throughout your treatment.

Typically, Invisalign treatment lasts about a year and can correct overcrowded or gapped teeth, as well as overbites or underbites. Patients must wear their aligners for 20-22 hours per day for the best results. If you’re interested in a straighter smile with a low-stress treatment, give us a call today to see if you’re a candidate for Invisalign!

Dr. Sudit, our in-house orthodontist, is a platinum provider of Invisalign. This means that he is experienced with the Invisalign procedure and that he treats at least 25 cases every 6 months. At Lake Dental Care, our skilled orthodontist will make sure your smile turns out beautifully when your treatment is complete.

Traditional Braces

In certain cases, such as extreme overcrowding, traditional braces are more effective and less expensive than Invisalign clear aligners. Traditional braces can often be a better option for young patients and patients with overcrowded teeth. Getting braces for your child at a young age can help avoid larger dental issues down the road and ensure a straight smile when they’re older. During your consultation, Dr. Sudit will assess your situation and discuss which orthodontic treatment is right for you. Traditional braces are tried and true technology that have given millions of patients straight, confident smiles. Give us a call to discuss your options today!

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